May 12, 2014

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How an Inspection Helps Point the Way to a New Air Conditioner in Birmingham

When it becomes obvious that the old heating and cooling unit has seen better days, the time has come to begin considering newer options. The problem for most homeowners is they are not sure how to match the aspects of the home with a new air conditioner. This is where calling on the services of a professional can make all the difference. After a quick inspection, the professional can provide valuable tips regarding the size and type of unit that will do the job properly.

The Square Footage of the Home

One of the first points the contractor will consider is the amount of square footage in the home. Many people are surprised to learn that their current units are actually inadequate for the amount of living space they have. This is because of structural changes that have occurred since the old unit was installed. Perhaps a back porch was enclosed to make a den, or the attic was finished to create a craft room or spare bedroom. The bottom line is that the new unit will need to have the power to efficiently cool those newer spaces.

The Condition of the Doors and Windows

The contractor will also look closely at the condition of the exterior doors and the windows. Are they in good condition, or are the sashes a little loose? How about any small cracks around the window casings? As for the doors, are there spaces on the bottom that allow plenty of air flow from outside? Along with making some suggestions about resolving those issues, the contractor will also use that data to formulate an idea of how much power the new air conditioner in Birmingham must bring to the table.


As part of the evaluation for a new air conditioner in Birmingham, the contractor will want to know what the homeowner likes about the old one. Perhaps the present unit automatically shifts from cooling to heating in order to maintain the desired temperature. Maybe the unit also makes it possible to program adjustments to the thermostat at specific times during the day. By knowing what the owner likes about the present unit, it’s much easier to recommend units that include those benefits, plus some additional bells and whistles that the homeowner will enjoy.

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