How an Elevator Company in Washington DC Handles Installing New Equipment for an Old Building

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires owners of most commercial buildings and many other types of buildings to make sure the structure is accessible for people who cannot climb stairs. Someone who buys an old multi-story structure to use as an office building, shopping center or apartment complex must hire an Elevator Company in Washington DC to have this equipment installed.

Fundamental Requirements

Usually, the fundamental requirements are for an entrance without stairs and an elevator to upper floors, and perhaps to the basement level. Even now, not every old building is compliant.

Upward Expansion

Elevator equipment also may need to be added if a one-story building will be expanded upward. These types of additions are done when there is not enough land to expand outward. They are sometimes seen with offices, hospitals, and buildings to be converted into apartments and condos. They are situated in urban centers with other buildings close by.

Interior Location

Most of the time, the Elevator Company in Washington DC installs the new equipment near a stairway. The shaft might be next to a stairway or across the hall from one. Rarely, the building cannot feasibly accommodate this machinery and the shaft anywhere inside. In that case, the elevator might be installed on the exterior of the building. This is most commonly done for buildings with a relatively small number of stories, such as five or fewer. However, an exterior machine can be built for much taller structure as well.

Exterior Elevators

Building owners also might choose exterior elevator installation if they do not want to sacrifice any interior space or if they like the intriguing design. The chance for customers and clients to ride upstairs in a clear elevator makes the building and the pleasant experience stand out in their minds. They are likely to tell their friends, co-workers and family about this elevator.

Regular Maintenance

The equipment must be maintained on a regular schedule by a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc to keep it working smoothly and to prevent malfunctions. A building owner who wants to have an elevator installed may visit the website to learn more about this particular company.

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