Feb 27, 2019

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How an Auto Accident Lawyer in Lubbock, TX May Handle a Disputed Insurance Claim

How an Auto Accident Lawyer in Lubbock, TX May Handle a Disputed Insurance Claim

An Auto Accident Lawyer in Lubbock TX typically offers a free consultation so people who have been injured can learn if they have a good case. There is no reason to be nervous about this meeting. The attorney wants to help people who are having trouble obtaining the financial compensation they deserve after being injured by someone else’s negligence.

Disputes Because of Vehicle Malfunction

The other driver’s insurance carrier may be disputing the claim for some reason. For example, if the collision occurred because of a vehicle malfunction, the adjusters may refuse to hold the driver responsible. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Lubbock TX might be able to prove that lack of maintenance or ignoring the need for repair work was the underlying issue.

An Example: Brake Failure or Malfunction

For example, brakes can fail suddenly if the master cylinder malfunctions or line break. However, the driver generally has plenty of warning about other brake problems because of noises and reduced function. Even if the brake problem was completely unexpected, the vehicle owner should still be held accountable for causing a collision. The aspect of a vehicle being roadworthy is the owner’s responsibility.

Incomplete Paperwork and Documentation

Sometimes, a claim is denied because the paperwork was incomplete or required documentation is missing. A lawyer like Kyra K. Blankenship makes sure all the information the insurer needs is provided. The claim form is filled out thoroughly, and medical records and police reports are sent. Visit us at the website to schedule a free consultation.

Settlements and Litigation in Court

Most claims are settled out of court, but an injured person will normally want to hire a lawyer who is willing to file a lawsuit and go to court if necessary. This is particularly advisable when the amount of compensation should be very high to cover all medical expenses and lost wages. However, the insurance company is not obligated to pay more than the policy covers. Texas only requires $30,000 of liability automotive coverage, but policyholders tend to buy much more to protect their homes and other assets from being targeted in a lawsuit.

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