May 7, 2014

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How Air Conditioning in Lakeville Works

Air conditioning in Lakeville can help keep your home cool during the hot months. Hot weather can take a toll on your health without proper ventilation in your home. The right air conditioning provides circulation of fresh air for better breathing.. It used to be the only way you could cool your home was with fan or open windows. Now, you can choose portable air conditioner or central heat and air. Though many people own air conditioner, they do not understand how it works. The following information explains how your air conditioner works.

When shopping for an air conditioner, you should understand BTU or British Thermal Unit. BTU is the standard measurement for energy in the world. It refers to the amount of heat required to warm a pound of water. Air conditioners are priced according to BTU. A higher BTU means the unit will cost more. However, bigger does not mean better. You must match the room size correctly. An air conditioner that has too little or to much BTU will not work efficiently. You should get acquainted with EER or Energy Efficient Ratio. You can figure this by dividing the number of watts by BTU. Units with a great number of EER will be more energy efficient. If the climate in your area stays hot, a higher EER could be beneficial.

A primary component of any air conditioner is the fan. The fan in air conditioners works the same as any other fan. Its purpose is to circulate the air. The thermostat is the device used to control temperature. Thermostats sense the level of at in the room3 and shut on or off according to the settings. Thermostats can be manual or automatic. Automatic thermostat are more energy efficient since they turn off at various intervals. The filter is essential for keeping pollutants out of the machine’s cooling coils and the room. Filters have to be cleaned periodically so the air conditioner works efficiently.

Knowing how air conditioning in Lakeville works can help you choose the right unit. You shouldn’t go by price alone. The important thing is to choose unit with the most efficiency to save you money. Apple Valley Eagan Appliance, Heating and Air, LLC offers customers a valuable service and expertise so they can meet their needs.

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