Dec 11, 2013

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How a Sharps Mail Back Program Benefits Home Users

If you require at-home injections for medical reasons, then you have a number of sharps that need to be disposed of safely. Since you’re not a large medical practice or a hospital, you may wonder exactly what to do with used syringes. In some cases, people dispose of needles improperly by throwing them into the regular garbage thinking that no one will know. Some people may even fill a container that’s not designed to hold sharps and toss the entire container into the trash.

This puts waste collectors at risk of being injured or contracting a contagious disease, if any of the needles should poke through the trash bag or fall out of the container. With a sharps mail back program, you get the necessary containers and can easily put it into the mail for proper disposal.

No Contracts or High Fees

With a sharps mail back program, you don’t need to sign a contract or experience high disposal fees. Even if you can find a local supplier of disposal containers, there may be high fees associated with providing the container to at-home users. Unlike businesses and hospitals, you won’t need to sign a contract locking you into using that company for an extended period of time. You simply pay as you go, and you’re free to switch companies should the current mail back program you’re in not meet your needs.

Order and Return When You Need

Another benefit of using a sharps mail back program is that you can send in the disposal container when it’s full. You aren’t obligated to return the container each week or month if you haven’t completely filled it up. This saves you money because you only pay for a new container when you need it and not when the company says you need to order a new one. It can get expensive to work with a company that requires a monthly mail in or drop off, especially if you only perform injections a few times a month.

Postage and Packaging

You do not need to provide your own packaging to mail in the disposal container. The sharps mail back company will provide you with a proper disposal container, bags, mail packaging, and shipping labels. All you need to do is package the container following the directions provided by the company and leave it for pickup by your mail carrier. Postage is pre-paid, so you don’t need to make any special trips to the post office. By using a mail in program for your needles, you insure that medical waste is disposed of properly and that your sharps aren’t a safety hazard to anyone.

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