How a Septic System Works and Tips to Keep It Running in the USA

A septic system expert understands how these common sewers operate. These specialists can suggest some things owners might try if the system starts to fail. Societies and households have been using these waste treatment structures for decades. Today’s septic system experts use technology and science to keep things flowing.

The Designs

The basic principle behind most of these systems begins with all of the household water emptying into a primary tank. Inside this vessel, the solids naturally move to the bottom of the tank. The oils float on top of the remaining fluid. The liquids move into a secondary tank, and the sludge and grease stay trapped in the first one. The water moves into a drain field where it is sent back to the earth.


Knowing what you can and cannot put down your pipes is crucial. Septic system experts recommend people try and use water wisely to help prevent flooding. For example, don’t run many loads of laundry while taking long showers. The tanks need time to process, and when you funnel too much water into them, the drain fields can flood. Don’t throw food scraps, paper towels, or household trash into the system, and protect the fields by not parking or planting on them.


Contact a septic company immediately if you notice standing water in your yard or a foul smell. There may be time to save the system. Treatment products might be able to break down in the drain field. For more information on how to treat your system, contact a septic system expert at Aero-Stream LLC.

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