Dec 16, 2015

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How a Real Estate Law Firm Chicago Can Protect a Tenant’s Rights

How a Real Estate Law Firm Chicago Can Protect a Tenant’s Rights

When a person is renting an apartment, condo, or a house, they are technically living in someone else’s home but just because they don’t own the home doesn’t mean that they don’t have rights. Unfortunately, there are times that landlords violate their tenant’s rights. When this happens, the tenant should use the services of a real estate law firm in Chicago. There is a variety of circumstances where a lawyer can help.

Maintenance Issues

It is the landlord’s responsibility to properly maintain everything in the apartment and make repairs when necessary. If a tenant informs their landlord about issues in the apartment and nothing is done about it, the tenant’s rights are being violated. It would take the help from a real estate law firm in Chicago to get the necessary repairs taken care of.

Safety Issues

It is the responsibility of the landlord to protect their tenant’s safety; this means that the locks on the doors and window work properly. The structure of the home should also be safe, for example, if the floor in the home or the porch is weak, it should be repaired to prevent serious injury. If there is something in the home that is creating a safety risk and the landlord refuses to rectify the problem, a real estate lawyer can help.

Privacy Issues

Just because a tenant is living in their landlord’s home, they still have the right to their privacy. It is not right for a landlord to enter the tenant’s apartment without their knowledge or permission. Unless it is an emergency, a landlord must give their tenant 24 hours notice if they are going to enter the home to make repairs. If a landlord enters a tenant’s home often without permission, the tenant should contact a real estate lawyer.


Just because a person owns the property, it does not mean that they have the right to discriminate against potential tenants. A tenant cannot be denied the right to rent a home because of their race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. If a tenant believes that they are being discriminated against, a real estate lawyer would be able to help.

If a tenant believes that their rights are being violated, they should contact the Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells Law Firm. There are several ways that they can help.

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