Nov 7, 2013

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How a Funeral Parlor in Philadelphia Serves the Community

The funeral businesses in our communities do much more than just arrange funerals. Professional organizations, such as Harold B.Mulligan Funeral Home, Inc., offer services that can guide survivors through needed arrangements, help them deal with grief, and even receive benefits. When families use the services of a Funeral Parlor Philadelphia professionals can help them with:

1. PRE-PLANNING: Many people choose to pre-plan their own funerals, to avoid burdening their families with arrangements and costs. This option also allows them to make specific requests, which funeral professionals will carry out on their behalf.

2. DETAILS: As soon as you consult local funeral professionals after a death, they start to take care of needed details, so you do not have to worry. They will pick up a body at the place of death, and transport it back to their facility. Funeral directors will also ensure that all required documentation is completed.

3. A CHOICE OF ARRANGEMENTS: Professionals, such as the staff at Harold B.Mulligan Funeral Home, are accustomed to designing funerals to suit their customers’ wants and needs. For instance, they offer traditional services, which can include a viewing, a ceremony at a chosen venue, and interment in a cemetery. If the deceased wanted to be cremated, they can still provide many of the same options, including embalming and a viewing. The primary difference is that the body will not be buried.

4. TRIBUTES: As part of the services offered by a Funeral Parlor Philadelphia professionals will assist families and friends to create tributes to the deceased. These can range from flowers and printed memorials to websites, where people can offer condolences. Funeral directors can also help survivors find grief counseling.

5. BENEFITS: Experts will assist survivors to get any benefits the deceased was entitled to. These include Social Security and Veterans benefits. In many cases the family is entitled to burial benefits. When requested, professionals arrange for Veterans who have been honorably discharged or are on active duty to be buried in National Cemeteries.

The funeral industry provides valuable services to the community. They help those who wish to pre-plan arrangements, and will compassionately guide survivors to make the arrangements they want. Experts can also create tributes, and help clients get the benefits they are entitled to.

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