May 8, 2014

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How a Chiropractor in Conroe, TX, Helps You With Back Pain

The spine is the structural support column of the torso, giving the legs, arms and neck something to attach to. As a direct result, it takes a lot of wear and tear. Gravity also plays a role in back pain, compressing the vertebrae so they rest on nerve roots. Even the simple act of how you carry yourself and walk can put your spine out of alignment. Those who have a sedentary job can also have back problems because of a lack of movement. All of these issues can be corrected by a chiropractor in Conroe TX.

The spine has many muscle and tendon attachments that help the body move. A wrong move or repeated minor trauma to any of these structures can cause the spine to pull out of alignment. Specifically, the vertebrae move out of position and are not in a straight line anymore. It can happen anywhere from the neck all the way to the lumbar spine. This is known as subluxation, and a chiropractor in Conroe TX, has the job of straightening out this particular problem.

A chiropractor performs what is known as an adjustment to a specific section of the back. During an adjustment, the chiropractor manipulates the section of spine or neck in such a way as to put it back into alignment. Treatment involves a sharp movement that causes the vertebrae to be pushed temporarily out of position. Once the movement is released, the vertebrae go back into their original position. Pain from the original problem is usually relieved instantly, or within a short time afterwards. However, the area that has been manipulated may be sore for a day or two afterwards.

How and what treatment is used is at the discretion of the chiropractor. Experience and knowledge guides what type of manipulation is necessary to resolve the problem at hand. Treatment can also include supportive therapies such as hot/cold packs on the affected area, massage and stretching exercises to strengthen the treated area. The goal is to prevent the problem from happening again, and helping you stay pain-free.

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