Nov 13, 2017

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Hotels in Malawi Will Enhance Your Vacation

Hotels in Malawi Will Enhance Your Vacation

Malawi may not be one of the biggest tourist locations in the world, but it has a charm that brings thousands of individuals, couples, and families there every year. This special country is filled with a rich culture, diverse history, and friendly locals. Malawi, also named the “Warm Heart of Africa,” is home to temperate weather and a wealth of fun activities that make it an attractive travel destination for people all over the world. Hotels in Malawi are luxurious and cost-effective, making your stay enjoyable and comfortable from start to finish.

The Meaning of the Name

Malawi means “flames of fire” in the local language, a term it earned in part due to its visually stunning sunsets. From your view in one of the many hotels in Malawi, you are likely to catch a glimpse of these gorgeous spectacles. The sunsets are likely to change in intensity, color, and feel from day to day, and this is just one of Malawi’s natural wonders. The beautiful waters of Monkey Bay and the dramatic rock formations of Mulanje Massif allow visitors to get a taste of true adventure during their stay, which makes the trip perfect for those young at heart or in search of a unique experience.

The Wildlife

Malawi is home to over 2,000 hippos and 360 species of birds, and these exotic animals can be found in the Liwonde National Park. A wilderness safari guide will take you through the most beautiful stretches of the area where you can witness some of the best sights nature has to offer. This protected park also houses more than 500 African elephants, a species that is larger than its Asian counterparts. Imagine watching a herd of elephants graze on leaves or take dirt baths while exotic and colorful birds perch on their backs. The sight is unlikely to leave you for the rest of your life.

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