Aug 23, 2016

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Hiring The Right Painters

Hiring The Right Painters

Interior and exterior painting is both home improvement projects that quickly and reasonably inexpensively change the looks and feel of a house. Regardless of the scope of the painting project, hiring professional painters to do the job will result in the savings of time and potential aggravation.

Before you give the nod to painters in San Antonio to go ahead with the work there are a few things that are well worth considering:

  • Experience: Painting is not a skill that is learned from a book, it is a skill that comes from years of hands on experience. Always find out how long the painters have been in business, look for a company that has been in business for at least two or three years.

  • Employees or subcontractors: When you look at examples of past work it is fair to say that if the work was done by employees the results should be the same if they paint your house. This is something that cannot be guaranteed if you hire painters in san Antonio only to find out later that they have farmed the work out to a subcontractor. Not only can you not be sure of the results, you don’t know if the subcontractor is bona fide or not and whether the contractor is licensed and insured which are musts.

  • Prep work: Preparation of the surfaces is equally important to the actual application of the paint. A surface which is poorly prepared will only result in a poor result. The best painters in san Antonio will take the time that is necessary to ensure that the results will live up to their promises and your expectations.

It is a good idea to get multiple bids, give every candidate the same specifications and ask the same questions. Review all the offers carefully, focus on comparing the prep time, the materials they plan on using and the scope of work.

It is important that the painters in san Antonio that you hire are experienced and knowledgeable. Painting is serious business; it can make or break the looks and value of your home. You are welcome to discuss your project with the painters at Shaw Company Remodeling.

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