Jan 16, 2014

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Hiring The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Louisa, Virginia

Personal injury cases take many different forms, and some cases are more complex than others. For example, attorneys need to know certain areas of the law to deal with accidents involving 18-wheelers and dog bites. Recent figures show trucking accidents account for thousands of deaths and injuries per year. There are over four million dog bite cases each year. More than 800,000 dog bites result in serious injury.

Studies show the number of trucking accidents continues to be high. There are several reasons, including trucker fatigue. There are laws regarding how many hours a trucker can drive. However, companies and truckers break the rules, mainly because of the economic bottom line. Many trucking companies delay making repairs on their fleets. For instance, faulty breaks are to blame for many truck accidents. People involved in trucking accidents need the Best Personal Injury Attorney In Louisa, VA. Consult the Law Firm of Dulaney, Lauer and Thomas. They only handle accident and injury cases.

Accidents involving trucks are complex because there are federal regulations involved. Consequently, several laws are different than those in accidents involving cars. Truck operation and driver training may play a role in the accident. The attorney needs to be familiar with federal trucking laws. Additionally, an attorney needs to know how trucking insurance companies operate. The claims process is somewhat different than in a regular personal injury case.

Dog bites often have tragic results. The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Louisa, VA is competent in these cases as well. Dog bite cases are increasing, and unfortunately, children are often the victims. Children do innocent things that make dogs nervous, or the dogs view them as threatening. Dog bites cause serious injury and scarring. The victim often needs intensive surgery to repair the scars. The attorney has to find the dog’s owners and determine whether there a history of biting or attacking. Often, dog bite victims need future medical treatment, and the attorney must make sure they receive it. If you or someone you know has been bitten, contact an attorney to evaluate the case. Injury cases are serious, and everyone needs the best representation possible.  Visit their Google profile!

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