Jun 18, 2019

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Hiring Residential Movers Near Birmingham, AL

Hiring Residential Movers Near Birmingham, AL

Planning a move is something most people and families across the United States do every five years on average. This means that over their adult working life, most people move about 11 times, although some move more frequently and some only very rarely.

When looking for residential movers in or near Birmingham AL, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind to find the best relocation services. By starting early and allowing time to compare information on different moving companies, it is easier to be confident the movers selected are the right match for the job.

Review Services

The first step in finding the best residential movers is to take the time to review the company website. A few important features to look for include a listing of the services provided, which vary between local or short distance moves and intrastate or long distance moves.

If you are moving internationally, look specifically for the larger moving companies with international networks of moving companies. Most of the top national residential movers offer local, long distance and international moves with a full range of services.

Request a Quote

Websites may allow people near Birmingham, AL, to request a quote online. This is a fast and convenient way to book your move. With long distance and international moves, or with large homes or when specialized items are included, the movers may want to do an in-person survey of the home’s contents to provide an accurate estimate for the relocation.

Book the Move

Weekends, particularly the first and last of the month, and the summer months tend to book up quickly. To avoid problems with popular times of the year, try to book your moving company for the dates you need as early as possible.

While movers try to accommodate last minute or short notice moves, it may result in less flexibility in choosing dates and times.

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