Sep 16, 2014

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Hiring Professional Roofers in Oklahoma City or Doing It Yourself?

Most people are not professional roofers, though they still think they could do as good a job for less money. If you think you may want to do your own roofing on your Oklahoma City home, you may want to reconsider. While it is nice to save money, your roof is your first line of defense against all types of weather, bugs and other dangers. Therefore, consider hiring a professional to take care of your roof.


Unless you are a professional roofer, you do not have as much experience as roofers in Oklahoma City. While you may be able to get up on your roof and nail down shingles, you don’t have the proper tools or know the proper techniques, meaning you could end up doing the job incorrectly. Roofers have been working for years honing and bettering their skill. They have their own business now and may have other roofers working under them. They understand about the cost, both direct and hidden, of materials and how much they will need. You may purchase way too many materials or not enough and risk other problems.

While you can go online and view information about roofing, you cannot get the same amount of knowledge and training through online tools.


There are two factors of time here: the time it takes to do the job and the time you need. If you take on the job and do it correctly, you can save in other areas, but you will take a lot of your own time to do the job. This is time that could have been spent cleaning your home, playing with kids, enjoying your personal relaxation time. However, you have used up that time fixing your roof. The time it takes to do the job will also take away from your time, but if you make a mistake, do it incorrectly or don’t buy enough materials, you will end up taking more time to do the work.


Roofers in Oklahoma City have spent many years doing their job safely. While you may have a harness and ladder, you could easily fall off the roof or otherwise hurt yourself. Falling accidents are very common for homeowners who do their own roofing project, but you could also hurt yourself with a nail gun and even the shingles themselves. Therefore, hiring a professional will allow you to stay safely on the ground .

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