Mar 18, 2013

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Hiring an Experienced Attorney If Abuse or Violence is Present in Your Home

Abuse in the home is a horrible experience for adult victims and children who are involved. An abusive home life can have lasting effects on children clear throughout their adulthood. If you are a victim of domestic violence and abuse, then you need to get help right away by consulting with a professional attorney in San Antonio, TX. Texas does not go lightly on abusers, and an attorney will be able to get assistance to where you can leave the situation and sue for divorce while being safely protected from harm. If you have children, then you are really doing them a disservice by staying in this type of situation.

Break the Cycle by Not Staying in an Abusive Situation

An abuser will most likely never stop abusing unless they receive some sort of help. Oftentimes, they are in denial, so they don’t even realize that they have a problem. If you leave your children in the situation, then you are just as guilty as what the abuser is in some respects. If you don’t leave to keep your children safe, then child protective services may step in and take your children. They will most likely be placed in the foster care system until you can get your life stable. Sadly this happens much more than what people realize. A good attorney will be able to seek out assistance, so that you can have help in improving your life. They will also be able to help you with a divorce, child visitation issues, and other things if your child has been placed in foster care.

Getting Short and Long Term Shelter Program Assistance

Even if you don’t have money or any sort of support system through family members, you can still leave your home to start afresh if domestic violence is going on. There are plenty of shelters available that will take both women and children. These are also referred to as safe houses in some cases, because their location is usually hidden from the general public. Some of the shelters are short term, to where they will give you counseling on how to move forward, and they will help you to find a job so you can get things right once again. Some of them are long term as well, and these programs can last up to a couple of years in some cases. Women and children that are in long-term shelter programs often receive counseling, classes on budgeting and parenting, schooling, job assistance, and skills classes to help them put their lives back together again. These programs are very overcrowded in some cases, so women may be on a waiting list for the long-term programs.

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