Dec 12, 2013

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Hiring A Conservatorship Lawyer In Honolulu, HI

A Conservatorship Lawyer in Honolulu, HI provides you with the ability to manage the monetary assets and financial affairs of family members who are incapacitated or who are minors. With a conservatorship you have the legal right to access monetary assets to pay the living and educational expenses of the loved one. This right is extended to protect the interests of the loved one and prevent anyone from taking advantage of this loved one. It also allows you to manage any properties owned by this family member based on their inability to maintain the property and prevent damage due to neglect. If you need to file for a conservatorship, contact Cheryl Takabayashi today.

How to Acquire a Conservatorship
To become the conservator for a minor child or individual who is incapacitated, you must contact an attorney to file this request. The court must approve this request before you are appointed. The court must also rule that you have legal grounds to acquire this authority based on mental defect or the rightful owner’s inability to manage property or monetary assets due to age.

Local Family Law Attorney
Cheryl Takabayashi provides family law services that enable family members to assist individuals who are incapacitated, deployed, or haven’t reach legal age to manage their finances and affairs when needed. She can assist you in ensuring that this family member’s interests are protected and that you have access to manage their expenses directly. This attorney can discuss these concepts with you to ensure that you and the loved one are fully aware of what a conservatorship or power of attorney clearly imply. To schedule an appointment with this lawyer, contact her law offices directly at the contact number that appears on her website at

Conservatorship Lawyer in Honolulu, HI entitles a family member to manage your affairs and property in the event that you are unable to do so yourself. This primarily focuses on minor children who inherit property and trusts while they are under legal age and individuals who become incapacitated due to injuries or medically-based conditions. Through a conservatorship the legal owner of the property retains their right to ownership and the appointed conservator manages these properties. To learn more about conservatorships and other family law based concepts contact Cheryl Takabayashi, Attorney at Law.

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