Hire Roofers in Clarksville MD to Install a New Roof

Homeowners often ask several roofing contractors to bid on a roof replacement job. When they are reviewing the bids, they should make sure that the bid includes the cost of removing all of the original roofing material, installing the new roof, and cleaning up the yard and work area. They should also make sure that they know the quality and brands of the materials that will be used in the new roof. This is the only way to compare the bids to one another. Before they allow any workmen on their property, the homeowners should verify the the contractor’s workers compensation insurance.

Any homeowner considering hiring a Roofers Clarksville MD contractor, can go to the Liberty Windows & Siding Inc. and verify license and insurance information. This database has information on every licensed roofer in Clarksville MD. After severe weather and natural disasters, it’s common for phony contractors to go to homes looking for work. Once they are paid, they often disappear and never do the work. In addition to checking out the company at the building department, they should request the roofing contractors full personal name as well as company name, their physical and e-mail address, and telephone number. They should also get the name of the contractor’s insurance company. They can then verify that the insurance company is valid and contact them about the contractor. They should also check with the Better Business Bureau.

It’s also important that the homeowner verify what type of warranty is available for the roofing. Roofing materials can be covered for any length of time from 5 to 60 years. Metal roofs have the longest guarantees. Generally a contractor will give a 2 to 5 year warranty on labor. A well-maintained roof last longer and develops fewer problems. It’s a good idea for the homeowner to have the roofers in Clarksville MD contractor that installed the roof check it every spring. That way the contractor can find loose or missing shingles. These small repairs will prevent any leaks and water damage. It is unrealistic for any homeowner to think that they can have a roof installed and have it last for 20 years, without regular maintenance.

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