Hire Professional Roofers to Inspect Your Roof

No part of the United States is kind to roofs; high temperatures, solar radiation, and rain and harsh winds can take a toll on the majority of residential roofs. Although technology can help create an impermeable roof to the elements, not many homeowners have the monetary strength to install such pricey systems. If you are like most homeowners in America, you most likely have asphalt shingle roofing that has been through a couple of summers. It is important that you do not wait for something to happen; instead, hire professional roofers in Mount Vernon WA to handle all your roof inspection and mend requirements.


A roof examination helps you determine whether your roof is in good condition by identifying potential problems early. Simple repair jobs are simpler to handle compared to major roofing repairs. If rainwater was to infiltrate your sub-roof, saturate the insulation, wood beams, and drywall, the costs of repairs can skyrocket to thousands of dollars.

Along with the identification of roof problems, professional roofing inspectors will also look at:

  • Your gutters for weak joints
  • Siding for integrity problems
  • External housing structures that might require repairs


The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that the roof should be inspected at least two times a year. The prognosis and overall condition of your roof should indicate that it could withstand extreme weather conditions.

It is crucial that you carry out your own inspection after every harsh storm. If something does not seem right, do not hesitate to call in professional roofing contractors and have them examine your roof all again. Do not wait for the last minute, when predictions of a storm coming your way are announced, it could be too late to plan for a roof inspection. The storm period also happens to be the most engaging time of year for the roofer.


The most significant thing you can do for your home is to locate the best roofer. Since most of the work on roofing occurs below the surface, substandard work can go undetected for years, making it vital that hire someone you can trust.

At Rainworx, all roofers are put through a rigorous screening process. The process ensures that only the best are working on your roof during inspection, installation and repair.

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