Feb 4, 2015

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Hire a Tree Removal Service in Arlington to Safely Cut Down a Large Dead Tree

Trees add a wonderful visual element to every landscape. It doesn’t matter whether they are stately evergreens or flowering fruit trees. Property owners invest a lot of time, energy and money planting and maintaining their trees. Despite these efforts, trees do die. They may succumb to a pest infestation or a drought. Dead trees need to be cut down quickly, because they become unstable and can topple over easily. It is very dangerous for a homeowner to cut down a tree themselves. A tree can easily fall in the wrong direction and cause property damage or personal injury.

Hiring a professional Tree removal service Arlington is the most efficient and safest strategy. You can get more information at.

Professional tree removal companies have the proper equipment to safely cut down a large tree. A bucket truck allows an arborist to reach the highest limbs of the tree. From the security of the bucket, he can rig its large limbs. This ensures that they fall to the ground without causing any damage. It’s easy to use a powerful and heavy chainsaw from a stable platform. This makes the work go much faster. If feasible, the Tree removal service Arlington cuts the wood to maximize it’s value as firewood or wood chips. Some pest infestations make this impossible.

The arborist will also quickly take out the stump and root system. Property owners should resist the urge to save money and leave the stump. This is especially true if the stump is near wood steps or a wood deck. Dead wood is very attractive to termites. Once they have finished the tree stump, they may move on to the house. This could lead to costly termite treatments. If it’s not caught in time, it could lead to structural damage.

People may be surprised at the large hole that a tree can leave. The arborist from the Tree removal service Arlington can help the property owner select a new tree for the spot. He can also prepare the soil with a rich compost and nutrients to ensure that the tree becomes established quickly. Greentree Arlington is one of the tree removal services in the area. Their professional arborists can help homeowners remove and replace trees.

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