May 23, 2013

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Hire a San Deigo Shredding Company to Make Short Work of Sensitive Documents

Privacy laws do a lot to help prevent crimes like identity theft and extortion, but they have a side effect most people don’t think of: they make it hard to get rid of sensitive documents. A doctor’s office can’t just throw away files that they’re no longer using. The same is true for attorney’s offices, dentists, banks, psychologists, and other such practices. Instead, these professionals have to find a way to keep the information secure long after it is no longer needed.

Shredding the unwanted documents is one of the most economical ways of handling them. While it is technically possible for someone to sit there and reassemble shredded papers like giant puzzles, only the absolute most dedicated people would ever do it. Reconstructing a shredded document is made even harder by the fact that it will be mixed with strips from plenty of other papers. This makes San Diego Shredding a very effective way of achieving the needed level of security.

While it is possible for individuals or small offices to handle their own shredding needs, those who have a lot of paper to get rid of will be better off if they hire a professional San Diego Shredding company. This is because the company has high-speed equipment and the staff needed to use it efficiently. Professional shredders can be hired on a one time basis to get rid of a backlog of sensitive documents, but they can also be contracted to come on a regular basis to keep up with ongoing needs.

While shredding isn’t the only way to get rid of personally identifiable information, it definitely beats alternatives like incineration or simply storing it forever and ever. In fact, excessive document storage is the problem that most offices face. After a few years of keeping the papers around, they find that the storeroom has become full.

There is no need to wait that long to hire a document destruction company. You can call one right now even if you have no significant paper piles to get rid of. By setting up an ongoing contract right away, you can ensure that you never do have a room full of old paperwork to deal with.
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