Jul 17, 2015

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Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Springboro, OH When You Want to Fight for Your Kids

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Springboro, OH When You Want to Fight for Your Kids

When the best interest of the child is not being served in their current situation, noncustodial parents can petition the court to modify the original custody agreement. Depending on whether the parents were married or not, this petition may be heard in juvenile or domestic relations court. Regardless of which court hears the case, it is essential for a parent hoping to convince the judge to rule in their favor to have an experienced child custody lawyer in Springboro, OH by their side. These types of cases tend to be wrought with emotion, and a lawyer may be able to help their client focus on the issue at hand rather than allowing their former partner to push their buttons.

Courts tend to prefer for parents to agree on matters regarding their children. In cases where parents cannot agree, a guardian ad litem is often appointed by the court to represent the interests of the child or children. They are responsible for meeting with the child and both parents and then delivering a recommendation to the court. Courts also listen to children directly if they are old enough to communicate their own wishes and want to talk to the judge. However, the judge is under no obligation to award custody to the parent with whom the child wants to reside.

Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to custody of minor children and a child custody lawyer in Springboro, OH might advise their client about how these factors might affect them and ways to show the court they are the best person to be custodial parent of their children. A noncustodial parent may need to take steps to make their home and life more amenable to children if the kids were not already spending a significant amount of time there. They may also need to make arrangements for school and after-school care if the parent will be working. It is also important for the parent who wants custody of the children to ensure they maintain a relationship with the other parent. As the lawyers from Thorson Switala Mondock & Snead LLP may tell their clients, this is one of the most important considerations in determining which parent receives custody.

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