Aug 27, 2015

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Higher Priced Properties Do Not Deter People from Buying Vancouver BC Real Estate

Higher Priced Properties Do Not Deter People from Buying Vancouver BC Real Estate

Although it is noted as being Canada’s most expensive housing market, Vancouver BC real estate is one of the most desirable property markets in Canada. Could it be the beauty of the surrounding ocean and mountains and the fact that the area offers fun recreational activities year-round? Even though crime rates are slightly higher, those facts alone cannot deter people from looking at and buying the real estate.

The Prices Are Higher but the Location Is Great

If you want to be introduced to the real estate market in Vancouver, you need to be prepared to live and work in the city and make a serious commitment, as the prices are higher than if you would decide to live in Montreal or Ontario. In addition, Vancouver also sits on an earthquake zone. Therefore, the price of real estate is not the only thing that can shake things up a bit every now and then.

A “Best City” City

The city is not a location where you would expect to leave anytime soon as it also features temperate and warm summers and winters that are relatively mild and rather overcast. There may be a reason why houses cost more in Vancouver as the city is regularly listed near the top of most “best city” studies worldwide.

Just a Hop and a Skip from the U.S.

You also should consider this other important fact: Vancouver is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Therefore, Vancouver possesses a number of bragging rights, all of which makes it reasonable that property values would shoot up too. The Canadian city is just 45 minutes driving time from the U.S. border and a 2.5 hour’s drive from Seattle, Washington. Therefore, many people who live in Vancouver work in the U.S. and U. S. residents may work in Vancouver too.

A Diverse Culture

While Vancouver is an English-speaking country, it also is home to a variety of cultures and people who speak languages other than English. Many residents speak Chinese and even Punjabi is often spoken too.

An Ideal Place to Live as Well as Ski

If you like to ski, then Vancouver has been listed, according to U.S. News and World Report, to be one of the best places for the sport on the North American continent. The city is comparable to such ski resorts as Vail, Aspen and Telluride in the U.S. If you are an outdoors person, you will like the fact that Vancouver offers sporting activities throughout the year.

Mild Summers and Winters

Within the city, winters are pretty mild, with snow falling about 11 days out of the year. Depth usually reaches no more than a few centimeters. Vancouver tends to experience rain more than snow and cloudy skies temper winter days, taking any dry chill out of the air.

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