Mar 5, 2015

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High Quality Designer Delivery Services in Los Angeles

High Quality Designer Delivery Services in Los Angeles

Designer delivery services in Los Angeles are all-encompassing shipping and storage facilities that offer a variety of high quality services to art and antique designers, collectors, and dealers. These facilities offer many valuable and convenient services, including:

  • Climate and humidity controlled storage

  • Dust free storage

  • Long and short term storage options

  • Dock and warehouse for receiving shipments

  • Global shipping options

  • Shipping and installation

  • 24-hour security

Storage Options

Designer delivery services in Los Angeles have the ability to receive shipments to put in storage at their docks and warehouses. Expert art handlers will unpack your shipment and inspect the contents for any potential damage. They will then carefully store your items until you are ready for them to be delivered. Upon delivery, trained professionals will be able to install the pieces in your home for you.

The storage facilities provided by such services should be able to offer you both long and short term storage options. They should be climate and humidity controlled as well as dust- free. They should also provide round-the-clock security monitoring to make sure all of your most valuable pieces are kept safe.

Shipping Services

Find designer delivery services in Los Angeles which have been in business for a while and have built a great reputation. You should never settle for less than the best when it comes to your valuable artwork. A reputable business will be able to offer a range of different shipping options for shipping various items across the globe. From custom crating large objects to be shipped across the world, to safely packing small sculptures for same-day delivery to a gallery, these white glove services cover everything for you.

An excellent service will be able to execute the entire shipping process safely and efficiently, from planning the packing to when your items reach their destination. There is no item too big or too small, too delicate or heavy, that the designer delivery services in Los Angeles can’t handle. These services even offer same-day shipping for many items and to most locations, which is great if you have a last-minute sale or gallery exhibition and you need your items transported safely and quickly.

Find Services that Value Your Art as Much as You Do

Designer delivery services in Los Angeles value your artwork, antiques, and collectables as much as you do yourself. Get help with packing, shipping, and storing any of the following items:

  • Large and Small Sculptures

  • Framed or Unframed Paintings

  • Textiles

  • Movie Props

  • Heirlooms and Memorabilia

  • Antiques and Collectables

  • Art Glass

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • And much more

If you need a place to store your valuable fine art, there are designer delivery services in Los Angeles waiting to help assist you today.

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