Here’s Why You Should Get Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental fillings are currently some of the most popular types of restorations done in the United States. Fillings fill up holes in our teeth that can come from decay. The best dentist in Lakeview can use fillings to restore function to your tooth and stops decay from spreading. Traditional fillings are created from a metal called silver amalgam. While the metal is durable, this material is easy to see when you open your mouth. If you have a few of these fillings, you might become conscious about the appearance of your teeth. As a result, you may not want to smile as much as you normally would. That’s why this article will talk about the benefits of tooth-colored fillings.

No One Can Tell You Have a Filling

One reason why the best dentist in Lakeview likes tooth-colored fillings is that no one will be able to tell that their patients have them. These fillings blend in with your natural teeth. Dental patients no longer have to be conscious of their smile.

These Fillings Don’t Affect Your Other Teeth

Metal fillings can stain your teeth over time. Some patients find that these types of fillings can cause their teeth to become gray. With tooth-colored fillings, your teeth will retain their natural color.

Comfortable Treatments

When a patient gets a metal filling, a lot of the affected tooth will get taken away. When you get tooth-colored fillings, removing large portions of your tooth won’t be necessary.

More Confidence

When you like your smile, you’re more likely to show it to more people. It will make you more confident and attractive. A better smile can help you with your professional and social lives.

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