Here’s Some Information You Might Not Know About Dutch Masters Cigars

Dutch Masters brand cigars debuted in 1912, offering a new selection of machine-rolled standard cigars and cigarillos from the G.H. Johnson Cigar Company. Today, the brand is owned by Imperial Brands, but it has a long history of serving cigar smokers throughout the country with various products, promotions, and more. There are more than 20 cigar flavors and at least a dozen options for cigarillos from Dutch Masters cigars.

The Early Days

Dutch Masters debuted with a classic box featuring a classic 1662 Rembrandt painting that distinguished it from the competition. By 1921, the manufacturer was merged with six others by Consolidated Cigar Corporation, for which Dutch Masters went on to become a mainstay in the product family. These cigars became revered for their mature flavor, smooth draw, and mild aromas. The growing number of flavors and varieties that continue to showcase all of these features are what keep people coming back years and years later.

Advertising Promotions

In the 1950s and ’60s, Ernie Kovacs teamed up with Dutch Masters cigars, which sponsored a variety of projects and comedy specials for the comedian. The most famous are the silent commercials, which are known by cigar aficionados across the country for their unique approach and creative details. In 2015, the brand also sponsored a couple of Wrap Parties.

Popular Flavors and Varieties

Dutch Masters cigars are available in many varieties. The most popular are the Palma and Corona varieties, which also come in different flavors and styles. The brand has also recently debuted a new line of cigarillos known as Dutch by Dutch Masters, which features flavors like Rum Fusion, Java Fusion, and Dutch Blend.

This brand has over 100 years of history in the American cigar market, and for good reason. Their commitment to quality and unique marketing methods set them apart. Plus, they continue to stay current with industry trends, as seen in their sponsorship of Wrap Parties and new products catered to the younger customer base.

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