Here Are Three Reasons Why Your AC Unit Isn’t Blowing Cold Enough Air

There’s no doubt that summer would be simply unbearable without your air conditioner providing cool air to your home. Sometimes, though, your air conditioner fails to provide the cool air you expect, resulting in panic as the temperature in your home begins to rise. When this occurs, it’s essential to understand what the cause may be. Before your turn to an AC repair in Yankton, here are a few common culprits to investigate if your A/C is on the fritz.

Utilizing condensation, your condenser moves the liquid refrigerant through itself, allowing heat trapped in the refrigerant to escape into the atmosphere. If your condenser is blocked, then this heat transfer can’t occur, resulting in warm air in your home. It’s important to check your condenser regularly, as leaves, grass, and other debris tend to collect on its surface. You can also hose down the exterior of your condenser, being careful to avoid any electrical components. A professional specializing in AC repairs in Yankton can also help with this task.

One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning air conditioner is low refrigerant in the system. However, it’s important to understand that low refrigerant typically doesn’t occur on its own. In most cases, refrigerant escapes the system through small holes in the refrigerant line that must be located and repaired before adding more refrigerant. If these holes aren’t fixed during AC repair Yankton, any new refrigerant that is added will simply leak out in the same manner, resulting in the same problem.

Sometimes what seems to be a serious problem actually has a simple and easy solution. A dirty air filter can sometimes be all the AC repair that you need to fix your system. A clogged filter results in reduced airflow to the system, causing the heat exchange process in the refrigerant line to slow down. This can cause the system to ice over, resulting in no cool air for your home.

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