Oct 29, 2013

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Herbal and Natural Options for Dealing with ADD

If you got to your doctor expecting them to recommend over the counter Adderall for ADD or ADHD it is likely you will leave disappointed, as it is not available as an OTC treatment. However, if you are looking for alternative and natural remedies to help you focus and concentrate you can buy certain OTC remedies to help. The herbal supplements usually contain what are commonly known as ‘smart drugs’, which are geared toward helping the subject stay energized and focused on a specific task. Some of the known ‘smart drugs’ are DMAE bitartrate, Alcar, tyrosine, and choline, all working in synergy with your body to produce natural energy boosts.

Prior to its being used as a treatment for ADD of for helping increase energy in the body, Adderall was actually used on the market as a slimming aid. It was marketed to help reduce body fat and burn energy more quickly, therefore burning calories faster and reducing weight. The main reason it is now used in the treatment of ADD is because of the components that cause the fat reduction. Generally speaking it is safe to say that if we want to lose weight we need to exercise more and take in less calories in our diets. As a result of Adderall, the overall ability of the body to burn the extra calories resulted in weight loss among those taking it, but it also showed that it produced enough adrenalin to increase natural energy which burned those extra calories off. The natural energy boost was then associated with ‘smart drugs’ because of its ability to help the brain focus on tasks that were harder to focus on before the energy boosting effects took over. It was then deemed as a reasonable treatment for ADD patients as well as weight loss.

Herbal Alternatives for Adderall

However, now that people are becoming more wary of ‘smart drugs’ and while they still need some kind of supplement to help them concentrate they prefer the idea of using something more natural. A herbal alternative would contain all the natural elements needed for the brain to stay focused, reduce jitters and anxiety as well as helping the body stay calm. Short of changing your diet to one of more natural foods and drinks, the herbal supplement will assist you in studying if you are student, or staying focused at work.

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