Jul 14, 2015

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Helping Adolescents Through Therapy

Helping Adolescents Through Therapy

Dealing with substance abuse is an extremely difficult circumstance, but even more so when the abuser is a teenager. How does a parent help their teen when they are volatile, depressed, or closed off? It can feel as though you are helpless and useless when it comes to getting help for your child. However, adolescent therapy in Minnesota is available, and it could be the answer you have been looking for. Let’s look at some of the aspects and factors that go into supportive and effective therapies for adolescents.

Eliminate Us Versus Them

First all of, it is crucial to get rid of the “us” versus “them” mentality. This is not about targeting the teen and making them feel attacked or worthless. Odds are that they already feel defeated and bogged down by negative emotions; hence their destructive behaviors. A decent therapist will ensure that there is no hostility or defensiveness on their part so that the client feels at ease and that they have someone else on their side. Group therapies also help with peer support and creating a system of assistance and accountability.

Drop The Judgment

In much the same way, a non-judgmental attitude is going to go a long way in treating substance abuse in your teen. At such a delicate and malleable age, these young people are often hyper-sensitive to actions and words. Therefore, it takes an experienced and qualified counselor to speak with clients and let them know that they are not alone and there is no room for judging while recovering. Various treatments can help with assessing cognitive behaviors, developing coping skills, and targeting reasons for the substance abuse.

A Fresh Face

Finally, it is nice for teens to see a new and different perspective. Parents may spend loads of time trying to reach out and communicate with their children, but sometimes to no avail. A wide range of treatments means that counselors, parents, and clients can explore to see what works and what does not. Moreover, speaking with a fresh face, such as a knowledgeable and patient counselor, can be a great way to get teenagers involved in their recovery.

It is a long road, but it is essential in restoring health, both physical, mental, and emotional. With the right treatments and recovery options, your adolescent could be well on their way to a more fulfilling life free from drugs and alcohol. Get started today!

To get more information about adolescent therapy in Minnesota, contact Options Family & Behavior Services.

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