Aug 27, 2015

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Helpful Tips From Pest Control Companies In Tulsa, OK

Helpful Tips From Pest Control Companies In Tulsa, OK

In Oklahoma, homeowners gain more from extermination teams other than pest elimination. They educate homeowners about pests and how to prevent more infestations. They also present homeowners with tips to protect themselves and their families. The following are helpful tips offered by local Pest Control Companies in Tulsa OK.

Reducing Allergic Reactions

Ants and bees are among the most common insects that affect allergy sufferers. In fact, thousands of homeowners die each year due to anaphylaxis after sustaining a bite or sting. To reduce these probabilities, exterminators suggest eliminating possible food sources. For ants, these foods sources are garbage and any foods that are left out. For bees, these food sources depend on the species. Bees are attracted to flowering plants and fruit trees primarily. The homeowners need to plant these plants and trees away from entryways. They require pesticides around the parameter of their property to ward off these stinging insects.

Preventing Contamination of Food

During winter months especially, roaches and mice seek warm areas. Foods such as potato chips require resealable containers. If at all possible, the homeowner needs to place all boxed foods inside resealable storage bags or plastic containers. This reduces the probability of food contamination. Mice and roaches penetrate cardboard easily. This generates waste for the property owner and leads to higher food costs.

These pests are also attracted to water sources. Ants and termites are as well. The homeowner needs repairs for any leaking faucets or showers immediately. Drying out tubs and sink basins reduce the accessibility to water for these pests.

Protecting Household Pets

Exterminators suggest that pet owners need a feeding schedule for their pets. This reduces the probability that food or water is left out. Resealable containers for pet food stops pests from contaminating it or using it as a food source. These tips prevent domestic pets from contracting harmful diseases carried by these pests.

Pest Control Companies in Tulsa OK provide recommendations each time they treat a residential property. These tips help homeowners to decrease infestations and maintain a safer home. To learn more tips for extending the benefits of pest control services visit or their Pinterest account today.

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