Jun 27, 2018

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Helpful Tips For Safe Storage In Birmingham, AL Facilities

Helpful Tips For Safe Storage In Birmingham, AL Facilities

There are lots of reasons to use Birmingham, AL, moving company facilities to store household items. The most common use is during a move, and usually when the moving out has to be completed before it is possible to move into the new home.

Reasons To Store Items With Moving Services

Another common reason is for decluttering, where extra items and furniture can be safely packed, wrapped and placed in a secure facility until the home sells and you are ready to move.

These same facilities can also be used during renovations, when there has been damage to the home, or even if you are downsizing and do not want to get rid of your larger furniture items immediately. Placing them in storage gives you time to decide what to do, arrange to give the items away or even plan an auction or sale.

Tips and Helpful Hints

Regardless of why you need the items safely stored, here are some important tips when placing items in storage with moving company:

• Remove all contents – for larger furniture items such as dressers, armoires, wardrobes and similar types of items, always remove the contents from the drawers. This reduces the weight for the movers and also prevents items from being damaged in the move.

• Remove mirrors and decorative elements – top moving companies will recommend removing any decorative elements or large mirrors from furniture before it is stored. This greatly reduces the chance of breakage or damage.

• Wrap and pack boxes – take the time to carefully wrap all breakable and fragile items and use lots of packing peanuts or bubble wrap to prevent accidental damage.

• Itemize boxes – use your cell phone to take pictures of the contents of all boxes, then clearly label the box to be easy to identify and coordinate with the picture. This allows for quick access to items during the unpacking process.

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