Help Your Vehicle Drive and Stop Better Using Auto Repair Services in Kitchener

If you are like most people, your car is one of your most important tools. It takes you to work, doctor visits, and those ever-important visits to the family. In fact, you probably couldn’t survive without reliable transportation, which is why auto repair services in Kitchener are so very important. There are many facets of auto repair, including engine repair, brake replacement, and system diagnostics. There are also literally thousands of vehicle types around, making it difficult to know what can go wrong with each of them. If you own a vehicle for a long time and work on it a lot, you might be able to fix some of these systems, but it is often better to have these tasks performed by a professional.

One of the most important repairs that can be done on any car or truck is brake replacement. In the history of automobiles, there have been at least two types of brake systems: the drum brake and the disc brake. Drum brakes use brake shoes that are pushed against the brake drum or wheel hub by hydraulic pressure. This pressure is supplied when the driver pushes the pedal and may be enhanced by vacuum assistance. Many cars still use drum brakes on the rear axle because they are cheaper to manufacture and make it easier to incorporate a parking brake into the system.

Disc brakes became popular in the 1970s because they offer better braking force. The disc brake works by applying hydraulic pressure to pads on either side of the rotor. The rotor is the part of the wheel assembly that holds the rim in place.

One important aspect of brake replacement is checking the rotor or drum. If the braking surface of these parts is rough or grooved, the mechanic will need to have them turned. This smoothens the surface and reduces uneven wear on the brakes. While you are having this important task taken care of, you may also want to have the suspension lubed and the tires balanced. These crucial auto repair services in Kitchener can help your vehicle drive better. To learn more, visit our website at

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