Help Your AC Unit to Last Longer With Seasonal Maintenance

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you rely on your heating and cooling in Wheaton. When the heat or air conditioning goes out it can be uncomfortable, stressful, and sometimes costly. Hiring a trusted company can prevent many headaches down the line. If you’ve never used heating and cooling in Wheaton, be sure to check out online reviews to get a good idea of the quality of service offered. Not all companies are the same, many will do inferior work and try to upsell you on unnecessary repairs or replacements. Better yet, a great heating and cooling company can meet your needs year-round. Sticking with the same company also helps ensure that they are aware of any changes since their last inspection.

One simple way to ensure that your home always stays at an ideal temperature is to have seasonal maintenance performed by professional HVAC technicians. Having seasonal maintenance performed twice a year can also save you money by prolonging the life of the unit and being more energy efficient. The technician will clean the interior of the unit and around the exterior if needed. Next, they will inspect the fan blades, base pan, coil, and cabinet for any blockages, leaks, or other potential problems. Finally, they will test the unit to make sure it is running properly.

Heating and cooling needs happen year-round, whenever an issue arises it is important to call professionals that will do an excellent job. Whether seasonal maintenance is needed or a major repair, Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Inc will quickly and efficiently complete the necessary work. They have been in business since 1959, earning them a stellar reputation as a trusted HVAC company. Air-Rite’s professionalism, top-notch customer service, and unmatched skill in HVAC repairs makes them the ideal option for heating and cooling in Wheaton. Like us on our facebook page.

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