Mar 15, 2014

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Hello Norma Jeane

So, let’s talk about piercings. Let’s suppose you hear someone saying that they have a Norma Jeane piercing, you might get a little confused-a what? But then, just then you might think about it and realize that Norma Jeane was Norma Jeane Mortenson who later became Marilyn Monroe. Ah, now it makes sense, that person has a piecing named after Marilyn Monroe’s beauty spot.

Norma Jeane Mortenson grew up kind of jumping from foster home to foster home until she was old enough to get a job and support herself. She found work as a model but was ‘spotted’ and offered a film role by Twentieth Century Fox in 1946. Her early work consisted mainly of bit parts but when she made ‘All About Eve’ someone was watching and it drew attention. Her first leading role came in 1952 in ‘Don’t Bother to Knock’, followed a year later by Niagara.

It wasn’t until the early 1950’s that Monroe, who by then had changed her name from Norma Jeane to Marilyn, began using her trademark beauty spot. The spot itself, which is on the crease of the mouth between the nose and corner of the lips, shows up in some photographs but not others and seems to date to around 1949-1950. However, there is no evidence to suggest that earlier pictures were airbrushed, so there is no proof either way that the beauty spot was real or fake. What is known for sure is that it became a defining feature of her famous face and now a piercing in that same place is known as a Monroe in tribute to her.


A piece of Monroe piercing jewelry would likely resemble a small stud with a silver tip or a small gem inside. The gem could be any color, such as ruby, emerald, sapphire or any other gem stone of your choice. You can also choose a plain steel tip but you might not be able to change the stud until the hole has completely healed. Healing time is usually between six and eight weeks as long as proper care is taken, longer if there’s an infection. However, with proper care and the correct cleaning you should heal around six to eight weeks and be able to swap out your stud for another. If you are not sure, ask your piercing artist.

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