Hebrew Preschool In Bethesda MD Gives Every Child A Solid Start In Life

It is not unusual for parents of young children to agonize over when formal education for their child should begin. While most public and private schools begin at kindergarten, many young children have already begun to master basic skills. These social and academic skills should be given a place where they can flourish. This gives even the youngest preschooler a chance to improve on what they already know and continue the learning process.

This is why parents are increasingly choosing a Hebrew Preschool in Bethesda MD for their youngsters. Children are allowed to learn at a rate in accord with their own level of development. In addition to games and playtime activities, well-trained teachers guide youngsters in learning about the Jewish culture.

Their journey to the Jewish religion and the Hebrew language begins with all sorts of games. Youngsters respond best when they are having fun. When the time arrives for them to formally begin elementary school, parents are welcome to enroll them in further studies. This means youth group activities, trips to significant historic monuments in the area and parties to celebrate religious holidays.

A Hebrew Preschool in Bethesda MD is just the beginning for many families. They find that with a membership at their local synagogue, all of their family members find a “home away from home.” In addition to Friday night services, social events are offered for every age group. Newcomers to the Bethesda, Potomac, Gaithersburg and Rockville, Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C. are always encouraged to visit. Often it takes only one service or casual visit to find the answer to every family member’s spiritual needs.

Many parents place their children into the Hebrew school program with the goal of seeing their son or daughter commemorate their thirteenth birthday in the Jewish religion. After that time, high school students can look forward to being confirmed in Temple as an adult member of the congregation. For more information and to see photographs of Congregation B’Nai Tzedek in action, visit their website. Click Here to see Bnaitzedek.org and learn more about the merits of a Hebrew school education. Their staff enjoys receiving correspondence through their web pages or answering questions over the phone.

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