Dec 5, 2013

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Heavy Lifting Capabilities On Demand

In many industries, construction included, there are often times when heavy loads have to be lifted, manipulated and moved. In not all cases does the company have either the correct equipment on hand or enough of the right equipment. In cases like this the solution is to either purchase what is needed or rent it.

Chain hoist rental actually makes a great deal of sense if the need for the hoist is infrequent, by renting rather than buying the company can avail of a number of concrete advantages, including:

  • Conservation of capital
  • No obsolescence
  • No maintenance expenses
  • No storage expenses

Perhaps the most important reason for renting is the conservation of capital or the maintenance of the company’s cash reserves. In any business there is little doubt that “cash is king” and tying up this precious commodity in unnecessary equipment purchases can actually stymie the company’s ability to grow or to maintain solvency when business is slow.

Maintenance is also a factor in deciding if chain hoist rental or purchase is the direction to take. Lifting apparatus of all types takes a beating in the field, it is often used by inexperienced operators who can easily put loads on the hoist that can damage the gearing or break the chain. It is also wise to note that hoisting equipment must be tested periodically per OSHA rules, if the equipment is rented the responsibility for testing and certification of safe use falls on the rental company.

Chain hoist rental is also instant. When the need for heavy lifting becomes known, one phone call will see the equipment delivered to the job site and a further phone call will see it picked up and returned. If the equipment is owned it has to be inventoried as an asset and particular attention must be paid when the hoist is not in use and storage is required.

Chain hoists are used in so many places and for so many applications. These lifting devices are the heavy weight champs when it comes to lifting heavy loads which can be anything from removing and replacing a car engine to manipulating heavy doors used in locks and dams. These are the types of applications that happen infrequently and are best accomplished with rental equipment.

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