May 3, 2013

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Heavier Restrictions for Abortions

Although legal, some states are making it harder for women to get an abortion. After Roe versus Wade, abortion became legal in every state; however state laws are imposing strenuous limitations on women exercising their right. Some state laws go as far as continuing to make it illegal for women to get abortions.

Recently North Dakota passed a law called the fetal heartbeat ban. This placed harsher restrictions on women seeking abortions at Abortion Clinics. Abortions cannot be performed if the fetus has a heartbeat. North Dakota’s law bans abortions after just only being pregnant for six weeks generally heartbeats are heard at twelve weeks of pregnancy. In anticipation of appeals, the state’s government has budgeted for legal fees to defend their new law limiting women’s rights.

Arkansas has restricted abortions after twelve weeks of pregnancy. The Arkansas Human Protection Act states that the ban restricts abortions at twelve weeks after then a baby’s heartbeat can be heard. Prior to this ban Arkansas imposed restrictions as late as twenty weeks.

In Mississippi laws restricting the ability for Abortion Clinics to perform abortions continue to face litigation. Recently a United States District Judge prevented the stated from prohibiting an Abortion Clinic from operating unless they had admitting rights at local hospitals. Ironically, Mississippi only has one abortion clinic. If the law is not repealed, the abortion clinic will increasingly face expensive court proceedings which may make it tough to remain operational even if they win.

These strict laws may do more harm than good. With all the bans imposed on women and abortion clinics, women may feel hard pressed to get assistance from doctors like Dr. Kermit Gosnell who is on trial for murdering babies and patients born at his abortion clinic or back alley abortions that risk women’s lives. These illegal abortion clinics may perform procedures that cause complications and prevent women from having children in the future. State bans imposed on women seeking abortions should have more oversight from the federal government. If the federal government does not step in, more abortion clinics like the one Dr. Gosnell operated will surface.


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