Apr 25, 2016

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Heat Treated Pallets: What are they?

If your company exports any products outside of the U.S. on wood packaging including pallets, chances are that wood packaging will have to be heat treated and certified in order for customs to allow entry at the foreign port. A global treaty was signed 15 years ago and its purpose was to stop the spread of non-native pests that were traveling via wood packaging.

Premier Pallets’ heat treated pallets are stamped with an ISPM-15 certification mark, signifying that the pallets have been heat treated and are therefore pest-free. We have 30 years of experience in the pallet industry in sales and production capacities. Our principal offices are in Atlanta and Tampa. We service all areas of Florida, Georgia, the Southeast as well as the continental U.S.

How to create a heat treated pallet

To make heat treated pallets, wood has to become heated to a minimum of 132.8° F or 56° C and maintained at that temperature for a minimum of 4 hours. Prior to heating, wood utilized in pallets also must be debarked in order for just the core wood to be utilized to make the pallet. As the process of heat treating is finished, a seal that bears the ISPM mark alongside the originating region will be imprinted on the pallet.

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