Aug 16, 2018

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Healthy Snacks For College Do Exist

Healthy Snacks For College Do Exist

College is a hectic time of life. There are assignments to have done, tests to study for, group projects to plan as well as a lot of different activities, events, and opportunities to try new things. With all of this in mind, nutrition and eating right is not always at the top of the list of things to do.

Having a selection of healthy snacks for college is a great way to always have something in the dorm or in your backpack to enjoy a quick snack on the go. Energy bars are an ideal option, but there are only a handful of really healthy options on the market today.

A lot of the snack or breakfast types of bars are full of sugars, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors and even additives. Choosing these bars means eating a lot of things your body does not need and cannot process.

Natural and Nutritious

A simple rule is to look at the label. If there are a lot of ingredients you do not recognize, even if you are a chemistry major, it is not a natural product. There are healthy snacks for college that are made of natural ingredients such as oats, nut butters, and dates, all from non-GMO sources.
To add a bit of an energy boost to the bar, look for ones that are caffeinated. Choose bars and energy snacks produced from Fair Trade coffee. This coffee is infused into the bar and provides about the same amount of caffeine as a standard cup of coffee.

This is perfect for a snack between classes, a quick grab and go breakfast or a healthy option to nibble on when staying up late to study for exams. Keep in mind, with only the caffeine of one cup of coffee; these bars will not cause the jitters and inability to sleep commonly associated with energy drinks and highly caffeinated products.


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