Sep 23, 2016

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Health Problems that can be Detected through Blood Testing

Health Problems that can be Detected through Blood Testing

Going in for a blood test can be intimidating, and for those who shy away from needles, even frightening. However, if you are looking into blood testing in Miami, then there are some benefits you should consider before ruling it out. Blood tests help medical professionals detect a number of ailments that range in severity. Getting a blood test can be lifesaving, so it is important to know what your test could tell a medical professional.

Blood Testing to Assess a Risk

Often times, blood testing can be a preventative measure. Blood testing can assess a patient’s risk for heart disease based on several factors, which can be lifesaving when caught early. Especially if you come from a family with a history of heart disease, blood tests can be helpful in recognizing early signs. One common way to assess this is by testing cholesterol level, which is done through a blood sample.

There are other risks that can be detected through blood testing, including if your blood is having trouble clotting. Clotting is vital for when you are injured or even have a small cut, as it keeps you from bleeding continuously. Detecting issues with clotting allows them to be addressed before they become more dangerous.

Another condition that can be checked through blood testing is diabetes. Blood tests include blood glucose, which can indicate if a patient is pre-diabetic. Diabetes, before it escalates too far, is extremely treatable, so catching it early is a major advantage.

Blood Testing for Diagnosis

If a patient has an already existing health problem, blood testing can aid in diagnosis. As mentioned above, it can indicate how well the heart is functioning, but it can also assess other organs including the kidneys, the thyroid, and the liver. Such a wide range of diagnostic ability makes a blood test vital to any difficult case.

In addition to broader issues, blood tests can detect ailments that are more specific. Anemia is a frequent cause for blood tests, as well as HIV and even cancer. In each of these cases, a blood test can confirm or clarify a difficult diagnosis.

As a result of their diagnostic abilities, blood tests can also indicate whether a medication is working for a patient. Once a doctor has put a patient on the medication for a while, a second blood test can be vital to the treatment plan. If a disease is detected through a blood test, its reduction or absence can be indicated the same way.

There are many different tests, or methods of analysis, performed on blood samples. If you are looking into blood testing in Miami, ensure that you are communicating with a lab that performs the specific tests you need. Blood testing is not one size fits all, so performing the right test can save someone’s life.

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