Aug 16, 2017

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Headsets Fit for Fitness

Headsets Fit for Fitness

What motivates you to go to the gym? A superficial reason might be appearance. We look back at pictures of our high school or college self and realize we’ve gotten older and heavier. Another reason is health; we want to be physically fit and we want to be the best we can be at any age.

Gym Members Dissatisfied

For those who want to improve themselves physically and have an image of their ideal-self tucked away in the imagination, quality of the gym and its resources are important factors. In a recent article on, Anthony Dominic declares that one-fourth of all gym members are dissatisfied with the quality of their gym facilities.

Sound Factors for Fitness

Factors that affect quality can be seen and heard. The sound quality of fitness instructor headsets can be part of the quality equation. Crackling sounds, hiss, and muffled, unclear, muddy sound means your instructor’s headset system is not fit for fitness. Any public speaker’s great message can be lost when a sound system is a distraction.

Special Sound Fitness Needs for Fitness Instructors

The fitness industry has special needs when choosing fitness instructor headsets. Durability, comfort, reliability, and cost are great concerns. But to be truly fit the headset systems must not allow interference from random local radio frequencies and must be crisp and clear in reproducing the instructor’s voice faithfully and dependably.

On the instructor’s side of the sound system fitness issue the headset system must remain in place despite repetitious movement. It’s not fit for fitness if the transmitter ends up on the gym floor. Headsets fit for fitness must be durable and designed for the specific needs of instructors.

Sixty-percent of gym members attend fitness classes. They deserve the quality experience they are looking for in the membership. They deserve headsets fit for fitness.

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