Having the Right Internet for Your Event can Prevent Network Failures

Whether you have a concert tour, festival, corporate meeting or consumer event, you need a reliable internet connection that can keep up with your event. Ideally, your internet should have a strong signal, isolated private networks, smart access points, full bandwidth management and customer service that is available whenever you may need it. Continue reading to learn more about event internet.

Concert Tours

Enterprise-grade WiFi gear can easily support over 200 clients and can be configured to handle even more during your special events. The networks are highly customizable so you can choose your network names and passwords. You can also choose to divide the staff into groups. The systems only use one IP address so you don’t have to worry about conflicting with the existing network at the venue.

Festivals and Films

Festivals require extensive coverage and network access for vendors, artists, ticket scanners, production offices and any other areas that require the internet. You need a network that can meet the needs of every aspect of your festival. Locations that are out of reach of local internet providers can be reached through enterprise-grade WiFi.

Consumer Events

Consumer events are a great way to market your product. These events are critical for promoting your company and you need a reliable internet connection that won’t quit on you during a sale. Having the right internet connection can help you meet your business goals.

Corporate Meetings

When you hold your corporate meeting at a hotel or in a large meeting location, you run into the problem of oversaturated internet networks. This can slow your connection and cause problems during your meeting. Having your own internet connection set up for your corporate event can help reduce this problem.

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