May 19, 2014

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Have Your AC Inspected Before You Need a Major AC Repair in Wichita Kansas

There are two ways to handle repairing your air conditioner. The first is to wait until the AC unit has completely quit running. There’s no longer any indecision about whether or not it’s time to call for help. This can be considered the emergency room method and is sure to be the most costly.

The second method involves paying attention to the AC unit and keeping it healthy. Preventative health measures, you could say. If filters have been changed regularly, that’s an important first step. Here are a few more tips.

* Keep the outside compressor and condenser in the shade. Also, don’t let shrubs choke them. There should be 2 feet of open space around them.

* Awnings on south-facing windows will help keep the home cooler and help prolong the life of the AC system. Blinds and shades should also be used.

* Programmable thermostats save money and keep the system from working harder than necessary. Set them to raise the temperature by a few degrees for those times when no one will be home. Don’t turn off the system as it will need to work harder to cool off the house when turned back on.

* Leaks in ductwork cause that expensive cool air to leak away. Find the leaks by holding a lit incense stick near the connectors; repair any leaks with foam and duct tape.

* A yearly maintenance check can find many AC problems before they have seriously damaged the unit. It will also keep the unit running more efficiently, which saves money. Some things that should be included are: filters and fan belts, motors and bearings lubricated, blowers and fans cleaned, checking refrigerant, pressures and controls.

It’s reassuring to see the Kelley and Dawson Service truck pull up in the driveway when they need AC Repair in Wichita Kansas. The uniformed technicians are trained to handle repairs on all makes and models of HVAC systems. For over 50 years, the company has been working hard at providing exceptional service to their customers. They have learned that building customer loyalty is the only way to remain in business for many years. The company is a Charter Member of the Kansas Cooling Contractors Association and an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau.

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