May 26, 2017

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Have You Considered Pallets for Your Milwaukee Business?

If your small business is growing and your needs are changing, you might want to take another look at your logistics. For example, manual storage and shipping methods are fine, but if you want to increase production and volume, your current methods might not get the job done. Something as simple as buying pallets for your Milwaukee business can improve your efficiency and here are some reasons to consider palletizing.

What is Palletizing?

Palletizing is a more convenient way to move materials from one area to another. For example, suppose your company produces cases of goods in cardboard cartons. You can direct load these materials from a conveyor to a truck, but if you want to take them to storage, then you need a more efficient method of transport.

When you palletize, you stack your cartons on a wooden pallet. Depending on their size, you can get many cartons on one stack. A lift truck or power jack can easily pull under the pallet and move it where you need it. For greater stability, you can use plastic film or stretch wrap around your materials.

Why Pallets in Your Milwaukee Facility?

Palletizing makes it simple and easy to stack your materials. It fact, it’s possible to stack one palletized load on top of another in your warehouse, and this gives you more available space for inventory. However, this is only one of many benefits.

Faster Loading

Manually loading a 48 or 53-foot trailer can take a very long time. However, a lift truck driver can load pallets quickly and safely, and it’s possible to load many trailers with palletized loads in the same time it takes to load one manually.

Less Labor

It takes fewer people to handle pallets, and this can save your Milwaukee company a lot of money in labor costs. Palletizing can increase your profits considerably.

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