Feb 3, 2016

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Have a Wedding Officiate Come to You

Have a Wedding Officiate Come to You

A wedding officiant San Antonio may just be the solution you have been searching for. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they do not belong to a church the only option they have to get married is to go to the courthouse. You do have another option! A wedding officiant can come to your venue and perform the ceremony for you!

If you choose to use wedding planners San Antonio or in one of the surrounding area, they can help you to secure an officiant to perform your ceremony. A lot of people are not necessarily committed to a particular church but they are spiritual and they wish to have that recognized at their wedding. This is where having an ordained minister that is licensed to marry people comes in. You can have a non-denominational ceremony that recognizes your beliefs. You can have a deeply moving wedding instead of heading over to the courthouse where things seem a bit cold and impartial.

Civil Unions

Even if you prefer to join as a couple in a civil ceremony an officiant can help you to achieve that goal as well. The difference is when you go to the courthouse for a civil ceremony you really do not get a lot of choices. Typically, you can bring your witnesses with you and that’s that. When you choose an officiant that can come to you or that can even help you to choose a venue you are given the freedom to have the ceremony that you want, when you want it and where you want it.  You get to be the director of your day.

The Packages

There are different packages that are offered that include the services of a wedding officiant that can meet a full range of needs from the most intimate (the couple and their witnesses) to the most lavish. Having the options to have your wedding the way you want to is a wonderful way to seal your union. You do not have to fit into a specific mold (either religious or civil) you can easily combine what you want and create a custom experience.  Starting your journey with your partner off on the right foot will set the pace of your marriage. Have a day to remember by making choices that are ideal for you both!

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