Nov 25, 2014

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Hardwood floor finishes

Hardwood floors in Tribeca are made from several different hardwoods, both domestic wood such as oak and exotic hardwood such as teak. These woods are all finished in a variety of ways; the finishing materials include oil based and water based products. A hardwood floor that has been finished with an oil based product is more resistant to stains that a floor finished with a water based product. There are acid based urethane finishes that are very hard wearing but they give off powerful fumes that may annoy the sensitivities of some people. Some floors are only waxed, with no further treatment and some hardwood comes prefinished from the factory ready to install.

A common hardwood floor finish is polyurethane. This material is oil based and is quite slow drying, often taking a day to become dry enough to walk on. Although it may be slow drying, polyurethane is a tough finish; it is long lasting and is ideal for use in areas where high traffic is expected. It is a great finish for families that have young children and pets as not only are the floors scuff resistant, they are resistant to stains as well.

For those looking for a fast drying hardwood floor finish then an acid curing finish is recommended. This finish can be used on any of the common hardwood floors in Tribeca, the result is a high gloss finish with great depth of color but it does not have the yellow tint that is often associated with hardwood floors. For those who want the greatest possible luster and high shine, nothing beats this type of high gloss finish. This finish is available in semi-gloss as well as matte but obviously some of the characteristics will be dulled.

When water based finishes are applied it normally takes multiple coats, perhaps three or four. As the finish dries the water evaporates, this finish does not change the color of the wood at all; the natural color comes through.

With the move towards ecologically friendly products the industry has come out with environmentally friendly finishes that provide excellent protection for the floor but do no harm to the environment. Natural tongue oil as well as soy based finishes are examples of non-toxic finishes.

Even the best hardwood floors in Tribeca can get the odd nick or wear spot. There are touch up kits available, usually in the form of a spray.

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