Feb 13, 2014

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Handling Issues With Your Concrete in Battle Creek

Whether you own a business or home concrete problems are bound to happen. Owners typically see problems along the concrete walls of their basements, floors, and ceilings. Places such as driveways and patios also tend to see concrete problems from time to time. Business and homeowners typically panic when they see cracks and chips because it doesn’t seem like they can do much. However, there are a few solutions to the problems with Concrete in Battle Creek.

The solution you choose will ultimately depend on how bad the situation is. Concrete slabs and walls that are too badly damaged will likely need to be replaced completely. Unfortunately, replacing the concrete in these areas can cost a lot of money. In order to avoid spending thousands of dollars on renovations, it’s best to catch these problem areas when they start.

Patch cement is often used to patch and repair small areas that are starting to see problems. Patch cement is made up of cement and special additives, that allow it to seep into cracked areas and provide much needed support. Unfortunately, patching these problem areas can only work to delay the inevitable. Eventually these areas will need extensive work, but the patch cement should give you several more months or years until then.

Mudjacking is another method that’s generally used by professional services like Peterman Concrete. Mudjacking works to repair areas where concrete has caved in. the process involves drilling holes in the concrete that are less than 2-inches in diameter. Grout, a mixture of water and sand, are then pumped into these holes with a special machine that uses hydraulic pressure. As the grout is pumped underneath the concrete the sunken area begins to rise and even out. The mixture is meant to fill the space under the area where the soil has begun to erode. Just like patch cement, although mudjacking is very effective, it serves as only a temporary solution.

If you have a concrete problem, you should contact a professional service for Concrete in Battle Creek. A professional contractor will take a look at your problem and will advise you on the best solution; it might involve simple patch work or something more complicated. Visit website for more details.

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