Handling A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be a frightening as well as a painful experience. Many people are unaware of what might classify as a dental emergency they may be unsure of who to call and what steps they can take at home when faced with an emergency of this nature. There are certain guidelines that can help you handle a dental emergency.

First of all, is it urgent?

Not all dental emergencies need to be treated immediately, although you may be suffering from pain, there are situations that can wait to be treated. Understanding the difference is important, especially if your emergency crops up on the weekend or in the evening. You should contact an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop in the event:

   *   You cannot control bleeding
   *   You have knocked out or loosened a permanent tooth
   *   You have a painful swelling or a toothache

In situations like this always contact a dentist. Most dentists are set up to deal with emergencies after their normal clinic hours.

What can you do at home?

There are things that you can do to help reduce the pain and somewhat remedy the situation until you see your dentist. First off; stay calm. When a person is anxious or upset, the body responds in ways that may actually make the situation worse than it is. There are a few things that you can to help ease the pain.

   *   Dissolve a little salt in warm water and use it as mouthwash, this can help to reduce pain and swelling

   *   If you have knocked a tooth out place it in milk until you can get to the emergency dentist in Chicago Loop

   *   Hold a cold compress to your cheek; this will help to stop bleeding, numb the pain and reduce swelling

Knowing how to determine if it is a dental emergency and how to deal with the situation can make a huge difference. If you have any doubt, don’t wait, contact an emergency dentist immediately.

If you believe your dental problem is serious, do not hesitate to contact an emergency dentist in Chicago Loop. You are welcome to contact Pure Dental Spa.

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