Jan 15, 2014

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Gutters in Beavercreek Can Enhance the Integrity of Your Home

Gutters are not an everyday conversation around the dinner table, but the homeowner should pay more attention to the gutters than they usually do. Gutters protect the home in ways that most homeowners never think about. Of course, everyone knows that gutters will, if not cared for, cause an ice damn in the areas where winter brings cold weather. What may not be so well known are the other problems that gutters will cause if not properly cared for or replaced when necessary.

A serious problem occurs when gutters clog up and the water overflows. This water can get into your foundation if you have a basement and begin to seep into the block wall and down onto the floor. A more serious problem will develop when the water gets to the wall footings and begins to enter the basement through paths which the water will surely find. The long-term stability of a home is dependent on the gutter system working properly. With a gutter repair by Gutters in Beavercreek this problem will be solved.

Clogged gutters cause water to overflow and cause damage beyond the foundation damage; this can result in damage to the siding and to the roof. If there is no flashing between the back of the gutters and the fascia, then the water can back up under the roof and cause the decking to rot. Eventually, the weight of the water will pull the gutters away from their mountings and leave the water to run over and down the side of the house into the foundation.

A slab foundation is just as much at risk when the gutters function poorly, because the water can begin to erode under the slab and this will cause a serious problem requiring immediate repair. Wayne Overhead Door Sales and Home Improvements can correct this problem and other problems.

If the gutters are old and appear to be sagging or leaking at the seams, then it is time to consider replacing the gutters. There are at least three materials available: Aluminum is the most popular gutter system; Copper gutters are also available; and Galvanized gutters can also be installed. Ideally, you should select the gutter that will enhance the appearance of the home, and install the gutter guards to keep leaves and other debris out. With new gutters installed by Gutters in Beavercreek, you will not have to worry about gutters.

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