Jan 12, 2016

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Guidelines For Choosing The Best Movers In Houston

Guidelines For Choosing The Best Movers In Houston

Too many people assume that the first moving company they contact in Houston is going to be the best moving company to handle their relocation. In fact, finding the best movers in the city is going to take a bit of work, but it is well worth the effort.

Finding the best movers not only gives you peace of mind, but it will provide you with the services you need to make your move easy, stress-free and professionally managed from your first interaction with the company to the last item placed in your new residence.

Trucks on the Road

One very simple way to get a feel for the best movers is to just keep an eye out for the names on the moving trucks you see when traveling in and around Houston. Small one and two truck companies will not be seen all that often while the large national and international companies handling hundreds of moves a month will be easy to spot once you start to look.

Ask for Referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask new neighbors, coworkers, family members and friends for referrals. Just be sure to choose people who have moved in the last twelve months or so to get an accurate picture of the company’s current practices.

It is important to keep in mind that the best movers make customer service and satisfaction a priority, and this will be evident in feedback from both older and new clients and customers.

Research the Company

Always follow up and review the moving company website. You can check their licenses and insurance through TxDMV to make sure they are appropriately licensed. Another good place to look is the BBB, which will provide information on the business rating as well as their ability to resolve any complaints by customers.

Schedule an In-Home Survey

The best movers will need to come to your home to complete an in-home survey. This allows the moving company to provide an accurate and binding or not-to-exceed estimate based on the actual contents of your home.

Be very careful about any company offering only an online or by phone estimate as these are not binding and are typically inaccurate and lower than what the cost will be once your items are on the truck.

Be sure to prepare a list of questions you have about the move and record the answers to compare. This will allow you to find the best movers in Houston and schedule your move with complete confidence in their professional services.

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