Jun 8, 2018

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Guide to Residential Roofing in Laurel MD

Guide to Residential Roofing in Laurel MD

Maryland homeowners make a significant investment when they have a new roof installed on their homes. They want a quality roof at a reasonable price, and they want to know that the roofing company they hired is reliable and takes pride in a job well done. Homeowners can worry when they are in need of Residential Roofing in Laurel MD because the industry has disreputable contractors taking advantage of homeowners. Hiring a reputable contractor is not tricky when following these suggestions.

Look Locally

Traveling roofing contractors are not uncommon. They roam around the country, generally coming in after damaging storms, to perform roof installations or roofing repairs, and then they leave town in search of the next community. While some of these contractors may perform quality work, without a local connection a homeowner may have difficulty in getting back in touch with them if a problem ever occurs with the roof. Homeowners are wise to choose a roofing company that is well established in the local area. Local companies take pride in their work and appreciate the fact that word of mouth advertising will help their businesses to grow.

Good Reputation

Talk to people in the community such as neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends about roofers they have used in the past. Were they satisfied with their roofing project? Have there been any problems the roofers failed to adequately address? Read past customer reviews on websites such as Google or Angie’s List. Pay particular attention to companies that are mentioned multiple times.

Estimates and Warranties

Contact at least three of the recommended companies for an estimate. Reputable roofers will provide a free estimate. Ask also about any warranties. Roofing material manufacturers will offer warranties on their products. However, those warranties can become void if a homeowner fails to use a licensed contractor, or if there is an error that occurs during the installation job. To combat this, reputable contractors will offer an installation warranty to stand behind their work. Compare prices as well as warranty protections when considering the estimates. Do not assume that the lowest price estimate will bring the best value. Contact Liberty Roofing Window & Siding for a free quote or to start your Residential Roofing in Laurel MD project. Like us on Facebook.

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